Chicago, IL…Metropolitan Tenant Information Services provides a powerful tenant-screening tool for responsible landlords across the country.

The Chicago-based company delivers same-day service on its comprehensive credit and background checks of prospective tenants, usually responding to a request for information within two to four hours. Then Metropolitan Tenant Information Services follows up with an additional 30 days of free information (in areas where available) after it submits its report on each prospective tenant.

The follow-up service is important because the filing process takes an average of two to four weeks, and a monetary judgment will not show up on a credit report until the case has been completed. “Non monetary or for possession only will never show up on a credit report,” said Miriam Fisher, president of Metropolitan Tenant Information Services. “People who are trying to beat the system often know how long the filing process takes, and try to find another apartment before the filings show up in the records," she said. "That's why we continue to search our data for additional landlord filings for 30 days after each report.”

Metropolitan Tenant  Information Services' records are updated daily, so its reports on prospective tenants offer landlords the best possible protection from costly evictions and property damage. The company's research goes beyond eviction records and credit checks to include court records of any action taken by a landlord against a tenant for rent or possession of property, even if the action doesn't result in a monetary judgment.

MTIS provides the same careful, thorough and prompt service in the pre-employment screening area as in tenant screening. It uses state-of-the-art equipment and an extensive, specialized database to serve clients as quickly and efficiently as possible.

“We provide the same personalized service to all of our clients, large and small," said Fisher. "I believe we offer protection and peace of mind never before available at such affordable prices."

Miriam Fisher has over 25 years of business experience, with particular emphasis in tenant relations and leasing. In 1995, after seven years as an assistant property manager, she founded Metropolitan Tenant Information Services. She holds an Illinois real estate sales license and is certified as a Real Property Administrator. MTIS has been certified by the State of Illinois as a Women-Owned Small Business.

For more information, call Fisher at (847) 993-0114, or fax (847) 993-0115.



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